World-Famous Bulk Distributors of Real Leather Briefcase

A real leather briefcase is one of the influential items in every person’s style. And it is one of the favorite products of fashionable people. Consumers can prepare this product with different models and colors and set it with their clothes. Our company is one of the most famous distributors of vintage leather briefcases, that due to the high variety of colors and different models have been able to distribute this unique product in bulk to global markets. You can get more information about us by visiting our site.

World-Famous Bulk Distributors of Real Leather Briefcase

What Are Needed Documentation for Exporting Leather Products?

What Are Needed Documentation for Exporting Leather Products? The number of applicants for leather products is increasing day by day, and the export of leather products to other countries is increasing every year. But to export this product to different places like other goods, you have to go through some steps and get different kinds of documents. Here are some of the most important documents you must have to export leather products.

  • You must have a business card to export your leather goods, which gives a formal and legal effect to business activities.
  • In order for the customer to become familiar with the type and quality of the goods and services, as well as the seller of the goods, the exporter must send a pre-invoice containing the information of the exporter, the company, the products, and other information.
  • The next step is to obtain an export license. At this stage, you must obtain this license from the relevant institutions such as the ministry of silence, the ministry of health, and the national organization for standardization are some of these institutions.
  • After receiving the required export licenses, you must declare your export goods to the customs with the required documents that they need and receive your export declaration from the customs.
  • The next step is to obtain an inspection certificate. To obtain this certificate, both the seller and the buyer should sign a contract with one of the inspection institutes, which are usually international, to capture the certificate which is required for this stage of the export.
  • Then we have to get the certificate of origin and the invoice for the exporting of leather products. This sales invoice must be approved by the chamber of commerce.

What Are Fundamental Steps of Producing Leather Briefcase?

What Are Fundamental Steps of Producing Leather Briefcase? Leather briefcases go through many stages from the time they are produced to the time they want to become available in the global markets and reach the customer, which we will briefly refer to some of these stages here.

  • The supply of raw materials is the first and most important step in the production of leather briefcases.
  • The next step in the production of leather products is mold making. Which are pre-prepared designs that are ready for cutting by the machine.
  • In the next step, we have to grade and pack different types of leathers. And we carefully examine the leather surface to be free of any problems.
  • After preparing the desired product pattern, it will be divided into different pieces and each part is placed on the leather and cut accordingly.
  • If the leather does not look beautiful and is too thick, it will be thinned by special devices and machines.
  • The leather is then dyed into different colors.
  • The final process is assembly, which combines different parts to obtain the final product.

Bulk Buy Top Quality & Luxury Real Leather Briefcases

Bulk Buy Top Quality & Luxury Real Leather Briefcases Our company has been operating in the field of production and distribution of the best and luxury leather briefcases for many years. Our products are made and produced by the most modern devices with very high quality. It has made us have many applicants from all over the world. All our applicants, mens and women, can visit our site to see our unique and real leather briefcases with different models, patterns, colors, and prices. If you have any questions or problems, you can ask our experts through our email and numbers on the site.

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