Unlimited Distribution of Real Leather Sandals in the White Market

One of the most popular covers for men and women in the warm days is sandals, and leather sandals are one of the best-selling models. These sandals, which are produced in different colors and designs, are a suitable option for the summer season. Our real leather sandals are made of the greatest materials, so they have high quality and are among the best products on the market. And in our sales method, which is wholesale, the price of our commodities is very affordable.

Unlimited Distribution of Real Leather Sandals in the White Market

How to Reduce Exportation Expenses of Leather Sandals?

How to Reduce Exportation Expenses of Leather Sandals? One of the effective factors in increasing or decreasing export costs is choosing the method of transportation. It should be considered that choosing the right way to transport goods can significantly reduce export expenses. As we all know there are three general ways to send goods from origin to destination. The first way is air transportation, which is fast but very expensive. The second way is by sea, which costs less, but your goods stay in storage, customs and ships for a long time, thus it is not a good choice for times when you need to deliver the commodities to the customer immediately.

In the meantime, the safer and cheaper way is the land route, that compared to other methods, this method is more reasonable and can be very helpful in reducing your costs. Of course, all the above points depend on many factors, including your distance to the destination country, the type of product and the geographical location of both countries but generally, the land route is more beneficial for the exporters.

The next important factor that can cost you a lot in the business process is the presence of intermediaries. Today, a considerable part of the profit that must be given to producers and consumers, is taken over by intermediaries. So, by establishing direct contact with the customer and eliminating intermediaries, you can dramatically reduce your expenditures.

Which Region Has the Most Potential for Exporting Leather Sandals?

Which Region Has the Most Potential for Exporting Leather Sandals? The leather industry has many fans in the world and different nations have created high capacities in this field. For this reason, it is one of the employment-generating industries and has a high export and import.

One of the determining factors in the production of leather sandals is the presence of pure and natural leather, because leather products are unique and their material is very important and countries that have quality materials can generate it. Therefore, more than half of the leather sandals exportation belongs to the Asian continent, 42% of exports belong to Europe, and only 2% to other countries.

Our country is one of the largest producers of genuine leather in this region and exports its leather goods to various parts of the world. So that only 15% of the production volume of these sandals is supplied in the country and 85% of it is exported because our leather sandals are very proper for women and have been considered by many clients.

Worldwide Distribution of Bulk Priced Real Leather Sandals for Customers

Worldwide Distribution of Bulk Priced Real Leather Sandals for Customers As mentioned, leather products are popular in most parts of the world due to their high prestige and leather sandals are no exception to this principle. And this has made many industrialists want to manufacture these products. So there are many choices for these goods, but you should buy sandals that are premium quality in addition to their beautiful designs.

We have been able to produce sandals using natural leather, which moreover of being attractive and high diversity, you can wear them for a long time. Also, our men’s sandals are very comfortable and do not bother the feet. Beyond this, client satisfaction is one of our main goals, thus we have determined the price of our commodities in such a way that the purchase price will be appropriate in bulk sales. We also offer after-sales services that give you a great trading experience.


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