leather travel bag brands you have heard less

leather travel bag brands you have heard less

INTRODUCING SOME TRAVEL BAGS MADE FROM LEATHER BRANDS: When traveling, a substandard bag should be the very least of your concerns
Therefore, you should not hesitate to spend a little more on suitcases and carry-on bags from the most prestigious luxury baggage manufacturers
Each brand has built a reputation for itself via the use of solid, lasting materials and ideal designs, so you won’t have to worry about your high-end baggage breaking or failing to accommodate you at the worst possible time
Plus, you never know who is evaluating you based on your travel gear on the aircraft or at the airport
Best to err on the side of caution by sticking with the tried-and-true high-end baggage favorites


The excellent resilience of the brand’s grooved cases distinguishes Rimowa’s luggage from the conventional fare
To think, everything happened by coincidence in 1937
Richard Morszeck, co-founder of the firm, started employing aluminum after a fire destroyed all other manufacturing materials

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less

You may pick between aluminum and polycarbonate as a material option nowadays
Also included are contemporary enhancements such as integrated electronic tags
Rimowa is the dominant brand in the field of sturdy baggage, with equipment that will endure
Classic, Dior and Rimowa, Essential, Essential Lite, Essential Sleeve, Hybrid, Original, Rimowa x Garrett Leight are the available collections
starting from $500


Globe-Trotter is one of the few high-end luggage manufacturers that embodies the essence of its past
Indeed, this is luggage literally suited for royalty, since royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II are among the brand’s many distinguished consumers
Globe-Trotter has been in business since 1897 and still manufactures all of its baggage by hand (if you can believe it)
It goes without saying that this is one of the finest British luxury luggage companies; the label’s reputation speaks for itself
The following collections are available: Chelsea Garden, St
Mortiz, Original, Centennial, Collaboration (Paul Smith, England Polo, The Goring), Special Edition (Cruise, Safari), and Deluxe Edition (Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caviar, Orient) starting at $915

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less


MontBlanc may produce the world’s finest pens, but that is not all they do
Specifically, the brand’s accessories and travel necessities are equally dazzling and known
The famous Trolley series, with its polycarbonate casings and leather accents, offers superior durability and a beautiful design
A renowned German luggage company produces high-quality equipment
1926 Montblanc Heritage, 4810 Westside, Montblanc Extreme 2
0, Meistrertüch, Meistrertüch Soft Grain, My Montblanc Nightflight, Montblanc Sartorial, Montblanc Sartorial Jet, and Urban Racing Spirit are among of the collections available
starting from $650

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Since 1946, Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano has excelled in workmanship, design, and innovation, in keeping with its Italian surroundings
And although the magic may occur in Milan, the brand just dominates the international scene
This ostensibly Italian luggage company, favoured by rich businesspeople for obvious reasons, is known for its attractive, aluminum-constructed suitcases
Consider Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano when you envision attractive, high-end carry-on baggage
Special Editions include Bank, Bank S, Bank Light, and Bank Nick Wooster (Bedstation, Workstation, Cookstation, Pilates Station)

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less

starting from $430


Since Victorinox has been in the travel industry since before flying was a thing, they have had enough time to perfect their trade in practically every area
The business combines the same level of reliability, quality, and style with their famed luxury travel gear, for which it is primarily known
If form and function are your thing, this is the bag brand for you Connex, Lexicon 2
0, Lexicon Hardside, Spectra 2
0, and Werks Traveler 6
0 are collections
Price: beginning at $345


Smythson, a British firm that utilises high-quality leather in its handmade travel goods, embodies the term “luxury” The firm also sells a range of travel accessories, such as passport holders and wallets, in addition to bags and baggage
Everything is covered in high-quality leather and attired in an attractive hue
Try Smythson if you’re seeking for leather luggage for guys that is both attractive and durable
From roller bags to carry-on baggage, rely on meticulous craftsmanship
starting at $1,700 Classic Bottega Veneta leather bag

Bottega Veneta

A Bottega Veneta product cannot be confused with any other, which is a good thing
If you like traditional leather handbags with a visual twist, you will adore this premium brand

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less

Sometimes, the differentiating details are subtle, like with the splash of intrecciato checker sewn into the Dark Barolo Briefcase’s side
However, these little creative touches leave profoundly lasting effects
Elegant functionality exists here starting at $1,360


The following premium luggage brand need no introduction
Indeed, Mulberry is the definition of British luxury
Whether you’re purchasing a high-end carry-on, trolley, or backpack, you can anticipate nothing but the best materials and a strikingly elegant design
It has been like way since 1971, and there are no plans to change anytime soon
Clipper, Four Wheel Trolley, City Briefcase, City Weekender, and Medium Clipper
starting at $1,018


You are already familiar with the name Prada and are aware that it is an esteemed Italian fashion business
Naturally, the brand’s travel gear and accessories adhere to the label’s superior quality standards
You may anticipate premium baggage that will last a lifetime and look beautiful while doing so
starting from $400


The Signature Carry-On is irrefutable evidence of Gucci’s superiority in the travel industry
The tiny leather luggage is made in Italy and has high-quality leather, a beautiful texture, palladium-toned hardware, and 360-degree wheels
Naturally, the luxury concept continues on the inside, where a luxurious nylon lining provides a wonderful home for your clothing
Needless to say, this carry-on is just one of the brand’s iconic travel accessories
Gucci Bestiary, Gucci Courrier, Gucci Eden, Gucci Print, Neo Vintage, Ophidia, Padlock, GG Black, Gran Turismo, Gucci 1955 Horsebit, and Gucci Signature are the names of the brand’s collections Starting from $750

The designer Thom Browne

Since 2003, American fashion designer Thom Browne has been attracting attention, and his luxurious travel gear is one reason why
If you want to maintain an air of sophistication, check out the brand’s calf leather totes and holdalls, which feature their trademark designs
Examine the dog-shaped Hector Toth if you like both elegance and kitsch in equal measure
High-quality travel baggage that is ideal for trips of any duration
starting from $790St
Laurent carry-on purses

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less

Saint Laurent

Superb design? Check
Quality materials? Check
Built-in standing? Check
What more might Saint Laurent and its exceptional travel bags offer? Each one combines individuality and status to great effect
Our list of premium brands would not be complete without this French companystarting from $875

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian fashion company, takes a philosophical approach to apparel, accessories, and travel gear alike
Specifically, the brand believes in profit-seeking that does not cause human misery
When you travel with this trendy baggage, you’ll feel and look great thanks to the combination of these concepts and the superior quality of the luggage
starting at $3,190

Ermenegildo Zegna

Furthermore, Italian fashion label Ermenegildo Zegna maintains excellent pace with the times when it comes to luxury travel bags
Leggerissimo’s Grey Cabin Smart Trolley is an excellent example
It mixes a polycarbonate exterior with accents of hand-cut Nappa leather, quiet wheels, an ergonomic handle, and two external USB connections, thereby achieving the ultimate trinity of intelligence, durability, and style
What more could one possible want?starting from $995


You had us at “ballistic nylon,” Tumi
The award-winning business has used the dependable material for decades in its classic travel bags, which undergo rigorous testing before to reaching the stores
This American luggage business goes to great pains to raise the bar for contemporary developments and travel trends, providing Tumi a significant advantage over the competition

 leather travel bag brands you have heard less

19 Degree Aluminum, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Arrivé, Ashton, Merge, Tegra-Lite® 2, TUMI Latitude, TUMI V4, and Voyageur are the available collectionsstarting from $350

Samsonite You do not need to be an avid fan of Dumb and Dumber to recognise Samsonite
In other words, the brand has amassed a considerable fan base independently of any Hollywood endorsements
In reality, Samsonite has been a worldwide leader for more than a century, to the point that its brand has become associated with lightweight, ostensibly unbreakable hard-shell luggage

If you don’t want to overthink the process of purchasing baggage, pick a Samsonite
Among the most resilient luggage manufacturers ever
There is a reason why the brand has existed for over a century and will likely continue to exist for another century
The following collections are available: 72H, Aspero, Bleisure, B-Lite 4, Cosmolite, Dream Rider, Dream Rider Deluxe, Evoa, Evoa Tech, Firelite, Lite-Box, Lite-Shock Sport, Magnum, Minter, Myton, Neopulse x Diesel, Oc2lite, Paradiver Light, Polygon, Prodigy, Robo II, Sammies Dreams, Spark SNG Eco, Stem, Theoni, TOI starting from $200

Arlo Skye

Even though many of the best luggage brands have been in business for decades, there is still room for newcomers
Introduce yourself to Arlo Skye, a relatively new company that has spent no time establishing itself
Each piece of Arlo Skye luggage, with its scratch-resistant aluminium body and full-grain leather handles, exudes both elegance and usefulness
Meanwhile, Japanese-made wheels move in zen-like quiet
As if that weren’t enough, the cases also have TSA-approved, built-in portable chargers
starting from $750

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