how to soften leather shoes at the back

how to soften leather shoes at the back

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How shoes made of leather can be soften at the back here is some way to do it:

Wash with liquid soap and water

When used together, soap and water are an excellent method for reconditioning leather to its original softness
Before using soap to clean the dirt off your shoes, you should first let them soak in warm water for around half an hour
After that, use a gentle brush on the inside of the shoe and massage it in circular motions to remove any lingering dirt
Be careful not to massage too vigorously, since this might cause the leather to become ruined
After soaking, remove any excess water with mild soap, and then lay the items in an inverted position on a fresh towel to air dry for the night

Give waxed shoes a softer feel

If you have leather shoes that have been waxed, you will need to apply a lotion to them before they will become sufficiently pliable
First, soak the shoes in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes, and then add a little bit of baby oil to each shoe
If you let the shoes 5 to 10 minutes to sit, you’ll see the color beginning to change as it fades away
It is imperative that nothing greasy be placed on top of the leather as this might cause it to get ruined

 how to soften leather shoes at the back

Rub alcohol

The use of rubbing alcohol is yet another option for revitalizing the appearance of leather shoes
Cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol should be used to clean the seams and creases around the shoe’s perimeter
The cotton swab should then be dipped in water and used to clean the surface of the shoe
Continue doing this until the leather is smoother and more shiny

A conditioner for leather

Add a little amount of leather conditioner to the combination of your choosing in order to maintain the attractive appearance of your leather shoes for a longer period of time
If you clean your shoes once a week, there is no need to condition the leather since it will be preserved naturally
On the other hand, if you wear them on a daily basis, they may assist in preventing the leather from cracking and splitting
Directly apply the conditioner to the leather, being care to pat it in so that it is distributed evenly
Then you should let it run for ten to twenty minutes


Waxing your shoes is just another method that may be used to preserve their hues and conceal stains
It is possible to use several different kinds of lip balm to get the leather to its smoothest possible state
To do this, you will need to take a little amount of wax and softly rub it over the leather
At the very least, let the shoes for twenty minutes to air dry, and then don’t forget to polish them!

 how to soften leather shoes at the back

leather shoes at the back

How to Make New Shoes More Comfortable at the back| 13 Top Tips Are the shoes you’re wearing too small for you? Do you find that wearing them is uncomfortable? I’m willing to wager that you’re here because you’re curious about how to break in new shoes by softening the heel area
To ensure that it will fit you exactly, give it a little amount of stretch
You will know after reading the 13 top recommendations that we have provided below
The footwear that we wear is an essential component of our clothing
We rotate between the many different pairs of shoes that we own on a daily basis
Different styles, heel heights, heel heights, and heel heights, as well as lace-up or laceless options
The rear of brand-new shoes tend to become worn in quickly, which is the most typical challenge faced by those who want to wear shoes
How-to-Soften-the-Back-of-New-Shoes So, in order to soften the rear of your new shoes, here is a list of several approaches you might attempt
But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the stuff you’ll need
You must break in new shoes
Breaking in new shoes is vital because your feet vary over time; you want them to fit precisely

 how to soften leather shoes at the back

How to soften new shoes’ backs? Here are 13 methods: Hairdryer new shoe back softening First, soften the rear of new shoes using a hairdryer
This is exclusively for leather and suede shoes
Hairdryers may soften the shoe’s back or heel
Mold it to your feet to make it comfy
It may harm other shoes if used on them

Ziploc bags

How to soften new shoe backs
Fill ziplock bags with water and freeze them to stretch leather shoes
Ice slowly stretches your shoes, softening the backs
Buy zip lock bags online and use them with your freezer to accomplish this at home

Shoe Stretcher

A 2-way shoe stretcher is an easy method to stretch out shoes
This shoe stretcher’s metal and rubber structure allows for two-way expansion

Use padded socks

Yes, an easy solution to soften shoe backs
Wearing a thick sock with new shoes can help them stretch
Walk wearing cushioned socks for a few days
This will soften the rear, and tight shoes on your heels will break-in
Socks may soften the rear of new shoes

Insert wood

Method 3 is similar to this one
It’s done differently
Get a shoe insert and wear it for two days
The insert will extend your shoes after two days
Wear them 1-2 hours a day for a week
Your new shoes’ backs should be supple and comfy after a week

Damp Paper

Newspapers also soften new shoe backs
Wet newspaper may expand the rear or heel of shoes
Newspaper is a cheap and accessible household material
Put wet newspaper in your new shoe
Repeat until the shoe is filled
After using this approach, wait 24 hours before wearing your shoes
By doing this many times a week, you can break in new shoes

 how to soften leather shoes at the back

Spray shoe stretch

Using the spray has softened the rear of many people’s new shoes
For the greatest results, choose a premium shoe stretch spray
FootMatters Shoe Stretch Spray stretches fresh shoes
A few sprays assist stretch and soften the rear of new shoes
How to safely break in new shoes
Patent leather, suede, nubuck, and more are compatible


How else to soften new shoe backs? Wet soap may help stretch out shoes that pinch, particularly when new
Rub soap on the sides and behind the bump
You should feel looser in minutes
Your new shoes’ backs will be softer and more comfy soon
See also White Converse Cleaning Hacks After soaping and drying new shoes, wear them immediately
As the shoe extends, walk longer to assist your heel fill the area and soften the rear
Alcohol Rubbing alcohol helps soften the back of new shoes
Spray it on the rear of your shoes or tight regions for comfortable foot movement
Any drugstore or supermarket shop sells rubbing alcohol
Frugal Foot shows how to soften the rear of new shoes with rubbing alcohol in ‘How to Stretch Your Leather Shoes
‘ Note: Avoid getting rubbing alcohol on fires or heat sources
Oil 10
Many shoe owners stretch their shoes using oil
Also softens shoe heels
Glycerin and castor oil are great
Fat makes shoes flexible and comfy
You’ll need oil, a soft cloth, and newspaper
For this, apply leather oil
Apply leather oil with your fingertips, ensuring sure it penetrates thoroughly
Focus on the heels
Oil shouldn’t be thick or watery
It should be liquid enough to penetrate pores
How to soften new shoes using oil
It makes new shoes softer, more comfortable, and lasts longer
Use kerosene Put kerosene in new shoes to break them in quickly
A few drops of kerosene may ease tight or unpleasant shoes
Put a few drops of kerosene in each shoe, let it rest overnight, then drain it out

 how to soften leather shoes at the back

Dip fresh shoes in vinegar-and-water before applying kerosene
Dry the insides before adding kerosene
Repeat for a few days
The result is super-soft shoes you may wear without socks

Use Vaseline

Vaseline will keep new shoes supple

Get Help

If none of the ways for softening the rear of new shoes worked, see a cobbler
The proper shoe repairman can soften shoes without hurting them

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